Welcome to myCybertherapy 

Banking was revolutionised by the Internet. The Internet will reshape Mental Health.


Professional Reliability

My name is Dr Michael Benjamin.
I have been a doctor for fifty years, and forty-nine of them as a psychiatrist.
I have been primarily a community psychiatrist.
I am convinced that we are over-using medication and under-using therapies.
I firmly believe, and I have shown, that therapy is both a learning- and habit-changing experience.
For thirty years I have believed that the internet is not only a legitimate but a highly effective tool to bring healing to the lives of people.
Now CYBERTHERAPY is accepted and reliable.



'But I need to sit across from my therapist.'
Rarely is this true.
You have to see for yourself what you are doing wrong and correct it.
You need to work hard, constantly, but alone. You will quickly recognize inappropriate thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns.
Correction can come rapidly.
The Internet is an ideal teaching tool.
Your therapy is about re-learning behaviours and patterns of thinking.
All you need is an online program backed up by live webinars and SKYPE. They are the state of the art therapeutic tools specially designed for your needs.


Many Advantages

Psychotherapy is as good as, if not better, for treating non-psychotic disorders.
Psychotherapy is better than medications in preventing relapses.
Psychotherapy improves your quality of life.
CyberTherapy is as good as any form of psychotherapy.
CyberTherapy goes at your pace. No need for appointments!
And CyberTherapy is only a small fraction of the cost in face-to-face sessions.


Web Security

I am obsessed about your security and safety.
You will be using a site built using WAPPLER's two levels of security.
Your web pages are secure. Your data entering the online database is secure.
You will be using YOHOST as our host server. I have worked with them for thirty years and trust them implicitly.
If, at any time, you wish to have your personal details removed, I will do so immediately.
I am the only person working on myCyberTherapy. I will notify you if I add more staff.
My aim is to always look after you.


Let's make a start

'If I am not for me, who is? - And if not now, then when?'